Civil engineering Assistant Professor Pei Xu, center, works with graduate students Guanyu Ma, left, and Xuesong Xu in her laboratory. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

NMSU studies treatment, uses for wastewater from oil and gas, fracking

  Date: 04/28/2014 Writer: Emily C. Kelley, 575-646-1957, [email protected] A team of researchers in New Mexico State University’s Department of Civil Engineering, led by Assistant Professor Pei Xu, is working to […]

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Javier Garcia-Mendoza, a New Mexico State University industrial engineering student, will be one of more than 80 undergraduate students participating in the Undergraduate Research and Creative Arts Symposium on Friday, April 25. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

NMSU undergraduate research, creative arts projects in the spotlight

  Date: 04/22/2014 Writer: Amanda Bradford, 575-646-1996, [email protected] When you think about research in an academic setting, it’s often the purview of faculty members, doctoral candidates or those working toward a […]

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Enrico Pontelli speaks about his involvement in the iCREDITS research project on smartgrid technology during a resarch rally event at O'Donnell Hall. (Photo by Darren Phillips)

Researchers launch smart grid epicenter at NMSU

  Date: 04/15/2014 Writer: Isabel A. Rodriguez, 575-646-7066, [email protected] Professor Enrico Pontelli has received a $5 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation’s Center for Research Excellence in Science and […]

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New Mexico State University management professor David Boje is using his research on storytelling to help veterans and their families begin to focus on the future. (NMSU photo by Amanda Bradford)

NMSU management professor uses embodied storytelling research to help veterans

  Date: 08/18/2014 Writer: Amanda Bradford, 575-646-1996, [email protected] From his own military service in Vietnam, David Boje knows that it can be difficult – sometimes impossible – for veterans and their […]

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New Mexico State University beef cattle nutritionist Eric Scholljegerdes is conducting research on an amino acid feed supplement for pregnant cows to see if it improves the digestive system of their offspring. (NMSU photo by Jane Moorman)

NMSU developing food supplement to improve cattle digestive system

  Date: 08/05/2014 Writer: Jane Moorman, 505-249-0527, [email protected] During drought, having cattle that can tolerate poor nutritional forage is the difference between a cow and calf operation going under, or staying […]

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Tessa Grasswitz, entomologist, and David R. Dreesen, agronomist and horticulturist, both researchers at NMSU’s Los Lunas Agricultural Science Center and the USDA-NRCS Los Lunas Plant Materials Center, work together on the New Mexico Pollinator Project, which aims to conserve bees in New Mexico and educate people about the benefits of pollinators. (NMSU photo by Angela Simental)

Declining bee population attracts research at NMSU’s Los Lunas Ag Center

  Date: 07/28/2014 Writer: Angela Simental, 575-646-6861, [email protected] Two researchers at New Mexico State University’s Agricultural Science Center at Los Lunas have been working together on the New Mexico Pollinator Project, […]

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In Vado, N.M., a community garden project allowed Maria Gurrola, associate professor in the School of Social Work at New Mexico State University, to discuss mental health issues with adults and adolescents in the region. (NMSU photo by Tiffany Acosta)

NMSU professor uses a community garden project to eliminate stigmas of mental health

  Date: 07/21/2014 Writer: Tiffany Acosta, 575-646-3929, [email protected] Mental health is an important issue that often isn’t discussed openly especially in Hispanic communities, and New Mexico State University Social Work Associate […]

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Triops occupy a petri dish for NMSU student Rebekah Horn to collect data. (NMSU photo provided by Rebekah Horn)

Secrets in the soil: NMSU scientists research desert’s tadpole shrimp

  Date: 07/15/2014 Writer: Jocelyn N. Apodaca, 575-646-7562, [email protected] “You look at the soil and you don’t see anything, but you put it in water and it comes to life,” said […]

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NMSU scientist David C. Johnson stands in a field at Leyendecker Plant Science Center where he is doing research on changing soil microbial community structures. Johnson's compost work suggests that the solution to global warming lies in the soil. (Courtesy photo)

NMSU researcher’s carbon sequestration work highlighted in ‘The Soil Will Save Us’

  Date: 07/08/2014 Writer: Emily C. Kelley, 575-646-1957, [email protected] A New Mexico State University scientist’s work in carbon sequestration is turning heads – not just here in New Mexico, but also […]

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New Mexico State University biology professor Elba Serrano. (NMSU photo by Darren Phillips)

NMSU biology professor helps students discover their potential

  Date: 06/30/2014 Writer: Minerva Baumann, 575-646-7566, [email protected] After 22 years at New Mexico State University, Regents Professor Elba Serrano’s philosophy about student success remains rooted in the beliefs that have […]

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