NMSU mosquito nutrient transport research may lead to better, safer insecticides

Date: 11/02/2015 Writer: Dana Beasley, 575-646-7953, [email protected] Ever wonder why male mosquitoes don’t bite? “They don’t have to make eggs,” explained Immo Hansen, associate professor of biology at New Mexico State University in the College of Arts and Sciences. “But, the females need nutrient proteins, so they take up our blood.” It’s through this process that … Read more

NMSU researchers work to solve infrastructure challenges, members of new Engineering Research Center

Date: 11/02/2015 Writer: Tiffany Acosta, 575-646-3929, [email protected] In August, New Mexico State University was announced as one of four universities in a new National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center to develop advances in geotechnical engineering that will provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest infrastructure development and environmental challenges. NMSU’s College of Engineering joins a … Read more

NMSU cancer researchers collaborate for a cure

Date: 10/21/2015 Writer: Dana Beasley, 575-646-7953, [email protected] Since their arrival to New Mexico State University in 2009, Kevin and Jessica P. Houston’s investigations into cancer research have developed into a multidisciplinary partnership, coupling cancer biology with engineering for this husband and wife team. “We are very passionate about cancer research,” said Kevin Houston, assistant professor of … Read more

NMSU’s Physical Science Laboratory Flight Test Center provides testing for state, nation

Date: 10/14/2015 Writer: Tiffany Acosta, 575-646-3929, [email protected] Established in 2007, the New Mexico State University Physical Science Laboratory’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Test Center is the first of its kind. In the last eight years, NMSU’s UAS FTC has become the most accomplished and most experienced Federal Aviation Administration-approved UAS test facility in the country. NMSU’s … Read more

NMSU studying optimal variety, field protocol for new mechanized chile harvester

Date: 10/12/2015 Writer: Jane Moorman, 505-249-0527, [email protected] LAS CRUCES – New Mexicans love green chile. As that love expands regionally and nationally, the New Mexico growers are faced with an increasing problem – labor. Unlike red chile that is harvested mechanically, green chile benefits from the human touch, because broken fruits are undesirable. “Green chile is … Read more

NMSU researcher helps explore cost-effective, non-polluting enhanced geothermal systems

Date: 10/06/2015 Writer: Darrell J. Pehr, 575-646-3223, [email protected] Tapping the natural heat of the earth may be more cost-effective and clean thanks to a research project led by researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in collaboration with New Mexico State University Assistant Professor Kenneth C. Carroll. Carroll is a member of a group that has published … Read more

Large-scale concrete testing takes place for first time at NMSU

Date: 08/26/2014 Writer: Kristen Sullivan, 575-646-2510, [email protected] Andrew Giesler, a graduate student in civil engineering, and his team at New Mexico State University are testing ultra-high performance concrete bridge girders on a large scale to aid the development of bridge design procedures for the state of New Mexico that could lead to a variety of … Read more

NIH grant supports NMSU research aimed at improving education for deaf students

  Date: 05/19/2014 Writer: Julie M. Hughes, 575-646-1953, [email protected] New Mexico State University’s Communication Disorders Program is partnering on a $2.3 million research project to pinpoint the types of teaching and services that will help deaf students in their educational pursuits. Linda Spencer, program director of the Communication Disorders Program in NMSU’s College of Education, along … Read more

NMSU researchers estimate density, abundance of black bears in New Mexico

  Date: 05/13/2014 Writer: Jocelyn N. Apodaca, 575-646-7562, [email protected] Using noninvasive genetic sampling, researchers from the Department of Biology and the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology at New Mexico State University are leading the way in estimating the density and abundance of black bears in the state of New Mexico. Funded by the New … Read more

NMSU physics department to acquire new instrumentation through DOD funding

  Date: 05/07/2014 Writer: Isabel A. Rodriguez, 575-646-7066, [email protected] A team of faculty led by Professor Stefan Zollner of New Mexico State University has received a grant of about $300,000 for the acquisition of a high-resolution, high-intensity X-ray diffractometer and reflectometer. The grant was awarded through the Army Research Office from the Department of Defense Research … Read more